Some of the brightest students will be placed in full or part-time employment after a 3 months internship. Guaranteed employment or contracts for brilliant students. 

We are looking to train 100 people for free, are you one of them?

We train, incubate and provide employment or business opportunities. Our 6 months lntensive course is one of our attempt to bridge the massive skill gap in the tech industry. Our classes are 100% practical and students get the chance to work on real world problems.

In ten years we want to train 50, 000 new developers in Africa.

How can we develop and equip some of the world's most sought after developers right from Africa, help them get jobs or create a viable business for them?

Join us in the quest to provide answers to this question. 

Do you want to attend our free coding class?


Are you ready for the challenge?

Our courses are intensive and demanding. 


Modules include:


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript 
  • Python 
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Ajax
  • MongoDB