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Here is what those who went through the coding bootcamp this past week had to say.

Thanks for the opportunity to learn. The training content was good and practical. No plenty theory just straight to the point and results is guaranteed.

I am very excited about the next part of the training If you are going to participate just get a working laptop and install brackets from, carry your sound mind and your laptop along. If you are really serious about building a career in IT Application you will get a jump start from the boot camp. Some may be wondering is coding good for me? Aaaah!!! Just pay your registration and participate by the time you finish the boot camp you will know if you really want it or not." ~Fidel


"<p> I appreciate </p>"

" Was great being part of these training sessions. Some of the stuff looked like space science to me on the first day but once I've gotten the gist of things I just won't stop learning" ~Nana Kodjo

"Thank so much Edison. 
I had a good time too. #Programming is fulfilling - my new Love" ~Prince

"Thanks so much for everything I really appreciate it a lot" ~Abigail