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Overcoming the Habit of Delaying Important Tasks

It's Friday afternoon and the clock is ticking. You're working furiously to complete a task before the five o'clock deadline, while silently cursing yourself for not starting it sooner.

How did this happen? What went wrong? Why did you lose your focus?

Women are less likely to feel part of the coding community

“I HAVE 27,481 points on Stack Overflow,” is not something you often see on Instagram, a photo-sharing social-media platform. When Lyndsey Scott, an American model and accomplished software developer, was ridiculed for her programming skills, she referred to the points she has earned solving coding problems on Stack Overflow, a help forum for developers.

Here is what those who went through the coding bootcamp this past week had to say.

Thanks for the opportunity to learn. The training content was good and practical. No plenty theory just straight to the point and results is guaranteed.